Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fly to Him

Fly to Him                                                                                       

For those who are Mine, my Beloved said,
I put all their stars and planets

in my cup of tea and drink them up!
Every path and pattern, signpost, scriptures,

bridges, leaves of tea,
the dust at our feet and flung across

the heavens stirred and upended,
sweetened and aligned

by His Presence on earth, 
His steady, knowing hand.

Every need, entreaty and prayer
must fly to Him, must fly to Him,

the Source and Center of our quest –
for the essence and strength of His method,

the core of our salvation
depends upon total dependence.

He stirs in His cup our planets
and stars to sweeten His chai,

to spin us tighter still into the web
of His work and our ultimate salvation.

O child of God, drink from the Godman’s cup
and taste the rarely-tapped mead of heaven.

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