Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The exemplars

The exemplars                                                                                            

Where are the exemplars ?  I asked my Lord. 
The embodiments of Your teachings? 

We are old now.  Years and years
of Your tutelage and influence.

In myself and others, I see only
egoism, bewilderment and fear.

My Lord answered by allowing me
to chance upon His lovers at random,

opportune moments – soft words,
small gestures, kindness to others

while yet under the thumb of self,
not for show, not for show, nor gain,

not with calculation but striving silently,
solitary (except for Him), with little or no

reward or recognition their very sincere best
to live the way a faithful child of Meher should.

No long term motive – just the immediate reward
of love burgeoning from the dry husks of aged hearts.

O child of God, the Avatar is the measure 
but every other consideration tilts toward leniency.

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