Saturday, October 19, 2013

A nod and a wink

A nod and a wink

How ya' doin'? I ask friends,
acquaintances, total strangers --

a form of greeting, no reply necessary.
No one knows the answer anyway.

Just the asking - throat to ear,
saying, we're all on the same ship,

surrounded and overwhelmed in our frailty,
our mortality, ignorance and ephemerality

by the Infinite, the Unpredictable and the Eternal.
We pass each other on the bridge

and ask , how ya' doin'?
The answer's always the same --

I'm alive.  Surviving ... on the edge of terror
and catastrophe; skating

this depthless, unfathomable sea,
breathing moment to moment as freely as possible

in this inexplicable, fearsome
and wondrous existence of which

we have no real knowledge or conception.
We have only our faith ... and each other.

O child of God, how ya' doin?
Answer with a nod and a wink.


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