Saturday, May 18, 2013

Uncut wood

Uncut wood

Humble, Lao Tzu advised, as uncut wood.
Too late for most --

we've already carved ourselves up --
rasped and whittled, notched, embedded,

pasted and papered over ...
to make our shape and image

acceptable to the world --
lovable, respectable ... exceptional!

O!  The pain involved now
in the slicing through, the paring down

below the acquired ornamentation,
every cut, by our blade, a further disfigurement;

never to regain the purity
and authenticity of the original grain.

Weather me, Lord!  Over the aeons,
down to the essence -- by the elements --

as I cede and acquiesce,
mourn and pray for humility --

not the original, guileless condition --
but, the humility of helplessness and futility,

the inability, in this lifetime, to recover
an innocence so irretrievably lost.

O child of God, return to your original state
by the grace and dharma of the Beloved.


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