Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Moving through the fair

Moving through the fair                                                                                     

The carousel whirling full speed
and even now the temptation

is to mount a carved steed and charge!
Wield a pretend sword and ‘round and ‘round

gallop amidst the scintillating lights,
music, laughter and movement. 

To appear to myself and others
to be grandly going somewhere.

There’s a carousel also inside my head.
One in my chest, too, with similar temptations.

It’s my task now to keep myself to myself,
keep the peace, note in passing

everything in this parti-colored world,
this ceaseless reel of thought,

this battleground which is my heart,
wending my way through the glitter

and the sham, confusion and despair
out there and in here; in here and out there.

O child of God, spiritual poise
is moving through the fair unfazed.

(painting by Joe DiSabatino)

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