Sunday, May 19, 2019

Save God

Save God                                                                                                   

No one loves Me, said my Lord, as I should be loved.
And if I were daring, could I not say the same

for myself among my fellow human beings?
No one knows (save God) my soul and history entirely

and thus a judgment by others (and myself) out of ignorance
is rendered that invariably negates true love.

I love you more than you could ever love yourself,
said my Lord also, speaking from God’s perspective.

Loving me utterly because He is in truth one with me.
Out of ignorance is my love lacking –

out of ignorance is my love piecemeal and provisional –
for my Lord, my God; myself and fellow beings.

Ignorance is the chain that binds, the veils limiting
and clouding the expression and return of our own true love.

O child of God, you speak boldly of love
while never having had a real taste of it.

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