Friday, October 13, 2017

Salvage and salvation

Salvage and salvation            

Over a lifetime, in my own way,
I’ve been moving toward You,

in fits and starts, studying warily
the dim terrain, the scriptures, claims,

promises, attuning myself
to some real or imagined inner guide,

here and there at various speeds and coming,
now and then, to a complete stop,

wondering which fork to take, or why go on
with such a lonely, desperate search.

But only very recently, the sun has peeked
over the heaving edge of the world

enough for me to see that I have
ever been walking the vast deck of a ship

as You return me surely, safely,
irrevocably to home port.

I’m leaning on the rail right now,
taking in the sun, the salt wind

and wondering what I might do, if anything,
to aid in my own salvage and salvation.

O child of God, learn your ship duties,
prepare well for the immeasurable voyage ahead.

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