Saturday, November 10, 2012

Borrowed clay

Borrowed clay                                                                                  

There’s a path which must be walked.
There’s no choice about it; no turning back.

A footbridge to be crossed –          
high, narrow, pendulous; a candle

held before the chest, cupped hand
and cautious steps protecting its flame.

In the heart, there’s a wine cup, brimful,
to be balanced precisely  

lest a drop spills in vain.  There’s a prayer –
heartfelt, word for word -- which must be said

as the candle is protected
and the cup is balanced;

a silence to be kept intact
as the prayer is recited

and the cup is balanced,
the candle protected –

a silence pure, immense as the silence
Meher left after returning the borrowed clay.

And there are various outward, karmic circumstances
which must come together like stars

in alignment and agreement.  Footbridge, candle,
wine cup, prayer, silence, stars and circumstance ....

O child of God, there is more to the path
the farther along you go.


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