Saturday, March 8, 2014

What God is not

What God is not

We're to become dust, says my Lord.
What value has dust?  Next to nothing.

Tramped on, kicked around, beaten down -
lowly and compliant as a sandal print.

Jesus became dust -
stripped and spat upon,

mocked and rejected,
a carcass hanging from a nail,

far from God's glory as a man could get.
To unite with God, apparently,

we must choose to become exactly
what God is not - a mote of dust -

(the perfect counterweight);
dust - because God is immaculate;

because He is majestic, singular;
because God is dynamic, creative, alive!

To unite, o seeker, with the living
God Eternal, we must choose to die

beyond any hope
of resurrection or salvation.

O child of God, from your dust-clotted throat
sing now, sing - we are not we but one.


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