Saturday, March 8, 2014

What God is not

What God is not                                                                                       

We’re to become dust, says my Lord.
The value of dust?  Next to nothing.

Lowly and compliant as a sandal print.  
Tramped on, kicked around, beaten down.

Jesus became dust – stripped and spat upon,
mocked and rejected, a carcass hanging from a nail,

far from God’s glory as a man could get.
To unite with God, apparently,

we must choose to become exactly
what God is not – a mote of dust,

(the perfect counterweight);
dust because God is immaculate;

because He is majestic, singular;
because God is dynamic, creative, alive!

To unite, o seeker, with the living
God Eternal, we must choose to die

beyond any hope
of resurrection or salvation.

O child of God, from your dust-clotted throat
sing now, sing – we are not we but one.

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