Saturday, March 29, 2014

Endless highway

Endless Highway

A breach has developed
between myself and life -

immeasurably subtle yet,
discernible ... discernible.

I keep coming back to it
or, it keeps coming back to me,

a tear in the fabric; a peering through -
deeper, essential, within me and yet, also ...

flowing towards me -
a hint of my immortality -

to match existence, to match God.
I strongly suspect then

this flowing towards me continuously
has been flowing towards me eternally.

I turn another corner and know,
or suspect I know, there'll always be

another corner to turn, always ...
this being just another inimitable

stretch on an endless highway
to nowhere, forever and ever ... without end, amen.

O child of God, what destination lies beyond infinity?
On what date shall your eternity come to an end?


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