Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The mercy of God

The mercy of God                                                                                    

They sell a child’s car seat
with a steering wheel attached

to keep junior busy in the backseat
driving the car along with Dad.

Such is my relationship with God.
I’ve sought most of my life and failed

to find one truth which would
disprove the obvious, terrifying notion

that I am utterly at the mercy of God.
God Almighty has left me no choice,

no influence, power or control. 
No saving myself through any efforts,

merit, prayers of my own. 
Yes, all the Realized Ones

say God is Love. God is my true Self. 
I am firmly lodged under my own thumb.

But that truth is so very far away.
Not much comfort to my unrealized self

with no work to do, no vows to keep,
no power of rescue or the alleviation of pain.

O child of God, becoming helpless and hopeless
is not an attainment but a revelation.

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