Thursday, September 27, 2018

The green essence

The green essence                                                                                  

Chop it down.  Fell that tree.
Let the chips fall where they may,

tumbling thunderously around me.
Bring it all down – my elevated, foliated perches,

crow’s nests views, my hopes in the high branches,
with Your sharp-bladed axe

cutting to the quick, deeper to the core.
I want to say this even as we both know

it’s but useless bluster once it reaches
my vulnerable mouth which has broken

its teeth on a thousand such hopeless cries.
But it starts pure enough, in the dark

heart of the spar, far from the accruements
of time and the journey, ignorance and self.

Truly sincere, holy as the green essence
from which it first emerged.

O child of God, you talk big yet
moan and sigh at the slightest quiver.

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