Saturday, July 21, 2012

Numerous explanations

Numerous explanations                                                                  

I should’ve learned something by now –
how to proceed; which neighborhoods 

to avoid, the shortcuts home.
All that beauty crowded into one evening,

one body, one humble gesture 
and I’m thrown out-of-kilter, a grave man

tearful, wishing I might let someone know
but, You’ve seen to that –

there’s never anyone to tell;
like the lover’s lips sealed 

so as not to let the smoke escape.
There are numerous explanations for this –

there always are – and I tend to use them,
going down the list before succumbing

to the last checked-off square
and ending up alone in my bed

with a book of prayers, exhausted by my own
configurations and convolutions,

wondering why and how I’ve lived so long
and accumulated such precious little wisdom.

O child of God, where will you hide? Life is
so often too lonely or, too lovely to bear.


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