Saturday, December 6, 2014

On love's behalf

On love’s behalf                                                                                      

The Godman lives on love’s behalf
and thereby couples the disparities

of flesh and spirit, truth and self.
A lifetime of service and repair,

the epitome of mercy, the Godman
appears on love’s behalf

and as is His habit, never looks back,
never looks up from His task.

Arrives, survives and departs on love’s behalf,
relying upon the resounding chords

of love’s lilting, everlasting, ultimate
presence and essence to carry the day,

to preserve and persevere, to convey
His holy mission and message

to every hungry cell and soul, every being 
in God’s vast and illusory repertoire.

O child of God, liberation involves the lover,
also, living at last only on love’s behalf.

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