Saturday, January 3, 2015

A two-cent remark

A two-cent remark

Have faith in nothing, said the old man,
except the efficacy

of having faith in nothing.
Not a wholly untenable position

when courted by the God-drop
rolling around, here and there, in each of us.

When were you ever invited by God
to make a choice, a conjecture,

display a preference, submit a two-cent remark
regarding His most holy and only apparent gift?

Out of ignorance comes our assumptions,
self-assurances, our unauthorized permissions

(in spite of ceaseless clues to the contrary)
to change any of the whole inviolate order

of things laid bare by our Creator
from the beginning of time,

for our own limited, fleeting comfort,
convenience, elucidation and desire.

O child of God, from whence comes
the notion that the world is yours to change?

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