Friday, December 1, 2017



There’s no choice, He said.
I’m all you’ve got. 

You can’t stay afloat forever.
Sink or grab hold of Me. 

Forgo the negotiations – your collateral
winking now from the sandy bottom.

Forgo the calculations. 
You’re in over your head.

No inducements here to any compromise.
It’s the falsity of yourself or the true no self.

It’s this apparent, ephemeral insubstantiality
or the resolute putting of it to a stop.

Grab hold of Me, He said,
or go around (around and around)

trying to stuff into your empty pockets
fistfuls of diaphaneity. 

O child of God, the dream can’t be grasped.
Meher is all you’ve got to hold on to.  

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