Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Not quite a poem

Not quite a poem        

To denounce someone, the first thing
given up is humility.  Elementary physics and geometry –

I must elevate myself to look down upon others.
Not telling anyone to refrain, mind you –

there are invariably good reasons –
just pointing out the price that is always there.

I crane my neck looking up at the mountain. 
From up there, I might see equally in all directions.

Knowing intuitively I have not the strength, the discipline,
the courage, the expertise to climb to the top,

I slip on my backpack and start up the rocky trail.
Better to die on the slopes than back at camp.

So many people in the world,
I’m sure they can do without me

adding my own brand of stridency
to the din of blind opinion.

Whatever you guys decide is fine with me,
knowing it will be the Whim and Will of God.

O child of God, you have paid the price,
lost your humility, writing and reciting this not quite a poem.

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