Saturday, February 16, 2013

Savored love

Savored love                                                                                  

I forgot that Love existed, Morrison sang.
When God reminds you of Who He Is,

no glib retort comes to mind. 
A cry of some sort might escape your lips

as your heart tries to leap from your chest. 
You wonder how your legs can carry the weight,

if your brain will ever jump back into gear,
when you remember; when you remember;

when your heart remembers – Love exists.
And if God is Love, Love is God.

The Almighty, as a concept, might be elusive –  
but, we’ve all savored love

and the deeper we’ve drawn from the well
the more precious and purer

we’ve found the water.  Debris brushed aside,
the heart begins to flow again

as a living source.  When Love is remembered –
profoundly remembered – existence is bathed anew

in the light and sheen
of pristine Truth and infinite possibilities.

O child of God, again and again we are returned
to our lost and forgotten heritage.

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