Friday, February 24, 2012

Your brush strokes

Your brush strokes

O Beloved, tonight, as these prayers are being said,
looking out upon the bowed heads of Your lovers,

in my heart, also, heads are bowed.
Voices blending in arti; there are voices
          and harmonies within me as well.

And, as I kneel for Your darshan,
in the tomb-shrine of my heart, there is, also, a kneeling.

On this nondescript hill, a small group of Your lovers
has gathered tonight from around the world.

We have come to bow down to the holiest part within us
          and all human beings.
What a long journey to reach this humble abode!

O Beloved, in Your Tomb-Shrine I have found my refuge.
In the shrine of my heart, let me offer You refuge.

Paint the walls within it in Your lovely brush strokes,
scenes from a life of Purity and holy Love.

O child of God, garland the stone of your heart-shrine.
Prepare it lovingly for the arrival of the Guest.

                        (from The Garden of Surrender)

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