Friday, July 22, 2016

Perfect servitude

Perfect servitude                                                                                                

Mastery in servitude, Meher said. 
Liberation attained by becoming

the perfect slave – sitting raptly
at the feet of the Master,

the slave’s whole being ever attuned
and attentive to the Lord’s whim;

personal concerns and desires
revealed to be indulgences and distractions

to be shooed away like bothersome flies.
To sit in meditation is simply

to sit at the Master’s feet,
nothing to achieve but emptiness,

perfect servitude, the relinquishment
of a personal will.  Daily loss upon loss.

To meditate is to surrender the false
to the true, the fragment to the whole –

to surrender our misshapen, fraudulent identities
which underwrite all the calamities of the world.

O child of God, maya is the ignorance
of Who you really are.

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