Saturday, September 22, 2012

Whatever truth or ruse

Whatever truth or ruse  
You once placated the mast Mohammed
with a ruse – the posing of a village woman

as his long-abandoned wife –
to salvage his faith in You,

saying of the mast afterward,
“He’s like a child.  Unless you

become like a child,
you cannot enter the Path.”

O Father of Mercy, I am Your child, 
ready to accept whatever truth or ruse

You offer to prod and goad,
undermine and coerce,

reward and punish – to channel me
through the gate without a quiver,

equivocation or turning back.
Whatever truth or ruse will do the trick,

peeling me away from the false self,
this entrancing realm of Illusion;

entering with me into that holistic region
for which You are a living witness, an example of,

where nothing is false;
where everything is true.

O child of God, believe in the One Who spent
every moment of His life leading you toward the goal.


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