Monday, May 6, 2019

Another name for God

Another name for God                                                                               

My Lord allowed Himself
to be named Father of Mercy,

perhaps to keep us reminded
subliminally that we are ever and utterly

at the mercy of God the Omnipotent.
The religious of us tiptoe 

around this terrible truth 
by the assumption of a chosen status;

by ritualistic appeasement, petitions and blandishments.
Others seek solace in an existential detachment –

even to the point of atheism -- to avoid
any possible threat of judgment,

a comparative sense of inferiority
or simply because they place nothing above

the god of their mind. 
God is Love, said my Lord

but it’s not our sort of love – attachment,
affection, infatuation; pity and remorse.

Love is simply another name for God –
His unimaginable Oneness.

O child of God, child of the Father, pray that you might
one day know the true meaning of mercy.

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