Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Qutub

The Qutub                                                                               

Hafiz endured a trial beyond human bounds
to win the hand of Shakh-i-Nabat.

Yet, while gazing upon Gabriel, her name
got lost on the way to his mouth.

I want to be guilty of that kind of infidelity.
Abraham made a similar choice, leading Isaac
up into the mountains. 

On the mere rumor of such an attainment,
Sakyamuni abdicated his throne.

Listen to me ... or let your mind wander
when these verses are recited,                           

but, if ever I fall silent, prick up your ears –
it means the Beloved has entered the room.

He leans in the doorway and nothing remains
unmoved – everything is all about Him.

Imagine how that’s true for the whole of creation –  
the Qutub draws a newborn’s breath

and the wheel of Illusion realigns itself,
scattered souls instantly energized, attracted
and patterned toward the Hub.

That would explain this irresistible turning
of my head and heart toward You, my Lord.    

O child of God, pray you stop loving your Lord ...
to become your Lord -- to become Love Itself.

                      (from A Jewel in the Dust)

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