Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Journey to nowhere

Journey to nowhere                                                                                  

I’m no longer on a spiritual quest
nor in a battle for that matter,

though my low desires continue to manifest. 
My sole endeavor these days is to walk on water.

Not the ocean but a flat wide river.
Midway between the banks, I stroll

facing upstream with a pace only brisk enough
to keep my position fixed.  It’s not a trial

of faith. Often I fall, get sucked under,
find myself swept farther downstream.  No matter. 

With long-suffering effort, I shake it off,
climb to my feet, resume the balancing act

that defies the laws of the natural world.
I don’t look to get anywhere . . .

or not get anywhere.  I just aim
to maintain my place above the river’s flow –

a journey of constant failures; a journey to nowhere,
until the One who brought me here safely leads me home.

O child of God, your strategy makes no sense,
which is one point in its favor.

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