Saturday, May 3, 2014

The giver-away

The giver-away

Somewhere down the road
you met your Master

perhaps, millenniums ago,
the start of an arduous and tedious process -

the transfer of ownership.  Or, maybe,
you were just nine years old -

giving Jesus your trembling life
aware not of how deeply thorough

your surrender must be,
as you know not now what you might do

to reach that critical depth
but, beginning to see

your well-connected, in-the-flesh self -
its deeply-rooted loves, alliances,

duties and responsibilities -
(to your utter shock) has no skin in the game.

Give your life to Jesus because
(they should have told you)

at any moment, the chit may be
called in for payment due.

Surrender (your life) to the ultimate admission
that owning nothing, you do not exist.

O child of God, love (somehow) is the ultimate destroyer,
the giver-away of everything you think you own.


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