Saturday, May 10, 2014

His perfect humanity

His perfect humanity

To walk the earth ... God must become Godman.
This makes perfect sense -

the One, entering the realm of duality
must split Himself in two

in order to be seen and heard.
God alone is too terrible to approach

with our mortal, paltry hearts and hands
but, the Godman we can embrace,

praise His perfect humanity, His purity and virtue
and blame God (in the backs of our minds)

for the atrocities and injustices
which occur daily in this dual existence.

God lures us away from ourselves ... toward Him
with the Love-personified,

perfectly human Godman
with Whom we may easily identify

until we surrender the last of our veils
and barriers and turn our human faces

toward the terrible Truth
of Who He really is.

O child of God, who are you?
God alone exists.


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