Saturday, November 17, 2012

Song link -- I heard You call my name

I heard You call my name
I heard You call my name       and I turned to find You standing there
                                                 G              A                             D            G
and through the tears that came I gazed upon Your form as much as I dared
Em                     A                           G             A
then I pledged to follow You       to love and obey
         D                 G                  D            G                        Em                D
and I don’t know how       this faithless world        keeps getting in my way

D                                       G                          A                          D                    
I heard You call my name      and I spied You there among the crowd
                                         G                  A                         D        G
when Your eyes met mine I could not help but cry Your name aloud
Em                             A                  G                   A
so many strangers between us        getting in my way
         D                 G                  D            G                            Em                D
and I don’t know how        this faithless world            keeps leading me astray

G A                   D         G                     A            D
O my time will come.  One day those veils will part. 
G                      A                  D           G
You’ll call my name, You’ll call my name
              Em                                     A
and I’ll answer You with all of my heart
G A                   D          G                     A            D
O my time will come.  One day you’ll give the Word
G                   A                          D                G
and I’ll leave everything, O I’ll leave everything
    Em                                        D
to follow You, follow You, my Lord

D                                       G                 A                 D                    
I heard You call my name        standing atop a distant hill
                                  G                 A                                   D         G
and I ran to meet You but when I looked again You were farther still
Em                   A                            G                    A
and I longed to follow You     and leave straightaway
               D                 G           D            G                 Em                D    G
(1) and I don’t know how this faithless world keeps leading me astray
         D                 G          D            G                  Em                D     G
(2) I don’t know how this heartless world keeps getting in my way (repeat 1)

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