Thursday, July 6, 2017

A shared life

A shared life

The island in the zygote -
floating miniscule and fragile,

island in the womb -
so vulnerable, so vulnerable.

The island in my head -- so insubstantial,
so subjective; inside my skin -- so mortal;

the island in my chest -- so isolated, so lonely.
White dab of sand in the middle

of a dark blue sea until the Ocean Itself
leaves footprints along the shore.

Accustom yourself, its pattern reads,
to a shared life.  And for years now,

my island has been shrinking
under the determined elements of truth --

wild winds, brutal storms, the heavy seas.
When every place you trust,

the footprints read, underfoot is gone;
everything you thought solid proven flimsy,

the truth will swim into view --
truth to drown in; truth vast as the Ocean

encircling your sad
and dwindling little island.

O child of God, every man is an island
until reclaimed by the Ocean of Love.

(Image by Rich Panico)

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