Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The heart's sovereignty

The heart’s sovereignty                                                                 

Mary of Bethany broke
the alabaster box of spikenard

and anointed Jesus, some of His disciples
grumbling at the expense

but, Jesus said, “She hath wrought a good work .... “
O lover, an imperfection of character

is the desire to be perfect
and a detriment to the path of surrender. 

To covet virtue is a sin ...
for covetousness is a sin.

Desire, instead, to be obedient and humble.
Non-attachment is the back road to perfection.

Desire for perfection leads through a labyrinth
of pride, shame and self-involvement

while acceptance of imperfection
constitutes a stirring turn toward surrender.

O lover, spill innocently, like Mary,
the precious oil, anoint the head of Jesus

and be marked forever as a lover
and loyal subject of the heart’s holy sovereignty.

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