Saturday, November 26, 2016



Your face everywhere at the Center –
a photograph or painting in every room;

from the ethereal beauty of Your younger days
to the silent majesty of the latter.

Seeing Your face, Lord, let my gaze fall
at Your feet – where it belongs;    

as I must one day – mind, body and spirit –
         fall at Your feet,
to become the dust under Your heels.

Grant me the humility, Lord, to accept myself as I am
by accepting You for Who You are.

Even as my asking is a vain conceit,
I long for the poverty of such humility.

Exhaust my storehouse ... until there’s nothing left
that’s not a gift from You.

Fill my cellar ... with only Your wine –
that I might share a cup with everyone
           who comes to the door.

O child of God, try to love those who you cannot love,
perhaps, beginning with yourself.

(from A Jewel in the Dust)

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