Monday, October 31, 2016

Journey of constant failures

Journey of constant failures 

Is this a straitjacket ...
or swaddling clothes?

the fruit immature ...
or rotten to the core?

This journey of constant failures –
a teaching story or a grinding wheel?

Should I try leaping across the river
or kneel on the bank and pray for angel wings?

Abraham whispered to his son, “I am an instrument.
I don’t know where my hands end and God’s begin.”

Suppose Isaac answered, “Everyone lives and dies
by the hands of God.
How fortunate if my last glimpse of this world
is the light in my father’s eyes –

“the light in the eyes of Love’s perfect slave.
Both under the knife, we have placed whatever we are
on our Father’s offering stone.

“Let us help each other now keep our appointments,
trusting to the benevolence
of That Which Is approachable only by dissolution,
sacrifice and utter surrender.”

O child of God, how did you ever come to the notion
that your life and death belong to you?

                     (from A Jewel in the Dust)                               

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