Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ignorance personified

Ignorance personified    

I’m ignorant now, but one day I may realize
the one knowable, liberating truth -

that there is nothing to know.  
I know nothing and never will.

What I think of as a reservoir of knowledge
is an empty bucket with a hole in the bottom,

each one of us a singular, oblivious
personification of ignorance and yet

we are dissuaded not by that truth in the least
from the advocacy of our version of truth

as incessantly we opine, pontificate, persuade,
berate, promote, coerce, argue and accuse.

Maybe that’s why Meher kept silent,
telling the whole of humanity

to hold our ignorant tongues,
for God’s sake; be mute

long enough to listen, perceive,
intuit, realize and become.

O child of God, things that are real, said Meher,
are given and received in silence.

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