Sunday, August 14, 2016

Only God

Only God      

It comes about – this happening
and no one can explain it; this identification,

this attachment – it doesn’t mean you exist.
Surrounded by these arising sensual events,

but who and where is their hub,
not to mention their origin?

Can you just conjure up a figure?
Create a somebody out of nothing?

Lifelong attachment results from
the notion you exist; a center around which

the senses circumambulate,
from which thoughts and feeling arise,

wherein histories accumulate . . . as well
as the attachment to the flesh and the material

which seals your fate yet again –
and that is you; you’ll be back

treading the same old mill
lifetime after lifetime

simply because you cannot accept
the implacable reality that you do not exist.

O child of God, only God is real. 
Only God.  Little ol’ you do not exist.

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