Friday, June 10, 2016

A dark, narrow place

A dark, narrow place      

Jesus said, go into a closet to pray,
not just to thwart a pious display

but because to go to God is to go alone,
into a dark, narrow place – that being the reason

so few venture toward the Divine.  We hug
and gabble of brotherhood and spiritual links,

but if you are not laid low,  
lonely as the day you were born,

unacceptable to the many,
you have no chance at all

of securing an audience with the One
Who is shy of crowds and flattering strangers.

Strait is the gate, quoting Jesus again,
and narrow (as a grave) is the way.

Best to pare down, pilgrim, get lonely,
odd and disconnected, rather

than dressing yourself in virtue,
hiding among the bowed, religious crowd,

the sure way to speciousness,
death, rejection and return.

O child of God, return yourself to the themes of love
and mercy and leave your readers smiling.

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