Saturday, December 13, 2014

Something about God

Something about God

To know something about God,
step backward; out of life,

overlooking and through illusion,
adopting tentatively the hidden agenda.

To disappear, move forward and toward,
ever-present, ever nearer,

dropping your sword and blending
imperceptively into illusion

with staunch conviction of flimsy death,
shallow grave and your own sort of eternity.

Move like a winged bird,
not track nor trace to scratch

the empty sky, by turning your back
upon yourself (so suggest the scriptures),

not to alter, grow or evolve but to die
taking the whole universe down with you;

dying with Jesus, Baba, Buddha,
dying so you may join them

beyond the impairments of time, space,
tangibility and individuality.

O child of God, surrender involves courage,
desperation and a feckless disregard of self.

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