Sunday, November 16, 2014

The friend I never had

The friend I never had

You are the (one true) friend
I never had; no one lived up to.

I won't let You go, heart's desire.
Roughed up, neglected, unrequited,

my ardor and adoration
skewed by the merely human

beautiful proxies, the imperfect worldly,
the palpable, ephemeral and immediate.

The implicit trust I could never pull off,
the intimacy I never had

the courage to enter into,
belongs to You, the true object

of my every failed desire and devotion.
It was You all along, all the time.

I won't let You go, heart's desire,
now that I have the truth

of Who You really are
in my sights at last.

O child of God, to let go of His damaan
is to come up bitterly empty-handed.

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