Friday, April 11, 2014

This marvelous deception

This marvelous deception

Each moment of this realm drenched
in sweet, sorrowful parting;

this tangled web (You say) woven
by our own inherent duplicity.

I know what I need to do (according to You).
I haven't the courage, faith or desire.

I opt for the occasional and inevitable
sting of serving two masters,

savoring the free range between houses,
the seductive illusion beyond each gate -

the illusion of not being a slave.
There exists an intoxicating glamour

where flesh meets dust;
where flesh meets dust,

though tainted and tinged with sorrow,
we panic, grasp and cling,

in the impetuous moment, seemingly,
to the only chance we might ever have for heaven.

O child of God, weep for this marvelous deception.
Here is the place for tears.


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