Friday, April 11, 2014

The simple of heart

The simple of heart

As a child, like a bird in a cage,
everywhere I went, I took Jesus

and the song of Jesus with me
but, the world easily crushed

and scattered that cage;
the bird flew and the song I heard no more.

Until Your song.
Like a bird in a cage,

I take You everywhere.
Now that cage is coming apart

not from the crush of the world
but, from the inside out,

the bird and its song too deep,
to large, too strong, too universal

for the cage to hold.
What once had meaning,

now has three meanings,
a thousand meanings,

multifarious, ever-shifting
and the whispering love song within

echoes from the bars and rafters
of this realm's farthest reaches.

O child of God, His song is for the simple of heart.
Take it with you everywhere you go.


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