Saturday, October 13, 2012

Song Link -- Love Divine

Love Divine
 G                             G+Eb                                       G+E
I thought I knew       all that love had to give        but what kind of love
G+F                                              C                           Am                             
gives me the strength to live  and it comforts me when  times get rough
C                                  G
Your love is a love divine

G                                G+Eb                             G+E
You stole my heart     never said one word Your silent treatment    
G+F                                                      C                                     Am
sweetest sounds I ever heard      You got through to me    Yours I’ll forever be
   C                                      G
 ‘cause Your love is a love divine

                             D                         C
Chorus:                Now I know of a love that’s true
                             D                               C
                             Now no other kind of love will do
G              G+Eb               G+E           G+F
                             ‘cause I’ve waited, searching my lonely life through                            
                                        C                                Am
just to find You, Dear   and to hold You near
  C                                         G
‘cause Your love is a love divine

G                             G+Eb                                       G+E
I’m a pilgrim        but no matter where I roam          I’ll never get lost   
G+F                                                C                                            Am
‘cause I know where I call home       it’s right by Your side         my Lord and my guide
C                                           G
‘cause Your love is a love divine
          C                             G               C                             G
it’s a love love love love divine    it’s a love love love love divine

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