Saturday, September 22, 2012

Song link -- Love is not for the fainthearted (4) (click on title)

Love is not for the fainthearted (4)

Love is Not for the Faint-hearted                                         capo 5

C                  F        Am                      G
A kiss and a stone right between the eyes   
infinite suffering, infinite bliss
silent for a lifetime, serving all mankind   
C               Am            F              C
no greater love hath a man than this
C              F               Am        G
working alone at the top of a hill
carrying the burden of the world around
in the blaze of the sun, in the midnight’s chill
C                         Am                 F             C
and the rivers of mercy come a tumblin’ down                (Chorus)
          F           C               Dm7  C                
Love is not for the faint-hearted
     F           C                Dm7           F
its born of strength and true understanding
C          F       Am                 G    F                          C
Love is not       for the faint-hearted   its born of strength
                 Dm7       F                C         F     C    G       
and true, oh, true understanding
C               F       Am       G
My sweet Jesus was crucified   
Hallaj was hanged from a scaffold high
they stoned poor Stephan ‘cause he loved his Lord
C                Am                      F                C
many’s the martyr who have met their reward       (Chorus)

 C          F        Am               G
Love is gentle as a morning breeze 
sooner or later it’ll bring you to your knees
it’ll make you weep, oh-oh, it’ll make you moan              
C                       Am                      F           C
and it won’t let you up until your pride is gone
C                        F              Am                               G
when somebody hurts you, have to turn the other cheek                            
return love for hate and learn to forgive
It’s not sentimental, pretty words to speak;
C                 Am              F          C
it’s the only honest, true way to live                     (Chorus)

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