Sunday, July 29, 2012

Song link -- In that moment

In That Moment I knew                                                                   

C                       Bm                  C                     G
I climbed Your holy hill in the early morning sun.
C                Bm                            C+                         G
Inside that lovely Tomb I sat with You, my sweet Beloved One
C+                         G
Sweet Beloved One

Am                                  Em                       F                                  C
I heard You whisper my name        and your eyes looked deep into mine
F               C                     Dm                    G
And love pure love began to flow         like wine.
        Am                     Em                            F                           C
And in that moment I knew                 My heart belonged to You
F                                     C                         Dm     F        C
I pledged my life and my love             to Avatar Meher Baba.

C                            Bm          C                            G      
I’d followed You for years        studied Your every word
C                      Bm                       C+                                G   
But the music of Your love  somehow my heart had never really heard
C+                G
Never really heard.  
Am                                   Em                                F                                  C
Until You whispered my name             and Your eyes looked deep into mine
        F                C                    Dm                     G
And love, pure love began to flow              like wine.
        Am                      Em                      F                        C
And in that moment I gave                   my restless heart away
   F                                    C                            Dm    F        C
I pledged my life and my love             to Avatar Meher Baba.

In that moment

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