Saturday, March 24, 2012

Song link -- I'm not the man

build a wall around myself let nobody through   
by the gift and debt of love      remain unaffected
thank God for the loneliness               that leads to You

C                        Gm                    F                     C
low desires and deep regrets   in a constant turning
my mistress was the world   she proved to be untrue
through corruption and deceit  I saw Your pure flame burning
thank God for the sinfulness      that leads to You                           

Gm              F            C                                                     Gm
I’m not the man that I used to be (1)  since You gave Your love to me
 (2) since You shed Your grace on me
F                             C                       
I don’t know who I am
Gm              F            C                                            Gm
(1) Finding myself is the mystery   take what You require of me
(2) Finding myself is my destiny
F                     C

C                       Gm          F                                       C
take what Your require of me          show me who I am   (repeat at the end)

C                        Gm                F                              C
living in Your aftermath          feel like a dead man walking
burned in the fires of love     all I thought was true
through the ashes and the grief   I hear Your true calling
thank God for the hurt and ruin    that leads to You
   I'm not the man         

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