Saturday, February 18, 2012

Song link -- I carry Your love

          A            E              A                    E           
In the hours of heartache just before the dawn
my wheels keep rollin’ through the north Georgia rain
and I’m feeling so lonely like the last man on earth
so I offer my prayers and I whisper Your name

there’s a yearning for comfort in my heart and in my soul
there’s a sad old song on the radio dial          
and I missin’ you so much and I’m long overdue               
Lord knows what I’d give just to see You smile

                         A                             E
thank heaven above from a heart below
                     A                           E
I carry Your love everywhere I go
                        A                           E
and Your holy name, I whisper it low
                         A                           E
and carry Your love everywhere I go
                         A                            E
and carry Your love everywhere I go

                 A            E                             A                 E
down a lonely ol’ highway through the night in the rain
Feel like I’ve drifted too far from my home
but I know that You’re with me as I am with You
love binds us together wherever I might roam

My joys and my sorrows not long for this world
so I do what I can, Lord, and I leave You the rest
‘cause my home’s over yonder.  I’m a stranger in this world
I know You roll with me nearer than my breath

I carry Your love

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