Saturday, May 3, 2014

God in heaven

God in heaven

I come to You because there is no one else.
Others who would comfort me, help me,

who love me, would only be, in their flesh,
further burdened by my grief.

There's no one else.
Whether the pressures subside or deepen,

(You say) You are to blame
and viewing this blighted realm's

daily mayhem, horrific circumstances -
all of which happen on Your watch -

if I had another throat in which to bury my face,
another chest to soak with tears,

(You know) I would hurry to it.
Embrace a different hope.

Yet, again, God in heaven, I turn to You,
on hands and knees calling Your name,

my heart laid bare; I ask -
am I not Your child?

O child of God, whatever God's love for you,
He's the only hope you have.


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