Saturday, September 1, 2012

The transparency of silence

The transparency of silence                                                           

The other night, I attended a play. 
The emcee asked everyone to please

turn off their cell phones.  It took me
fifteen minutes to race home and turn off mine. 

By the time I got back I had missed
the entire first act.  O child of God!

Beware of words!  They have a tendency
to become misshapen and entangling,

especially when followed
to their razor-sharp extremes.

Blindly obedient be to the Master, but ...
not to His words.  Perhaps, that distinction

is one reason He did not speak, offering instead
the wholeness and transparency of His silence.
Words are for this weighty realm, the known
and the tried.  They lose their way entering

the regions of the ethereal and the divine.
Silence – His silence -- is an opportunity

for the heart to exert its authority over words
and over the tireless chattering of the mind.

O child of God, never betray your heart’s wisdom
for even the most sacred accumulations of words.


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