Tuesday, August 8, 2017



I consulted a dictionary,
thick as any gravestone,

the meaning of each word
only given in terms of other words

whose meanings must also be
looked up and so ...

around and around we go --
illusory, inclusive world of words

created by barking, braying,
warbling and lamenting,

cooing, crooning, flesh-throated human beings --
our wordiness letting no truth in edgewise.

Your love I find inexplicable, indefinable, unutterable --
Your love -- all You ever talked about (in Your silence).

Silence I dare not keep -- the truth of myself
might shine forth for all to see.  I dare not shine.

I dare not embrace, so I go home
and write a poem about shining, embracing --

a pillow made of my dictionary,
an ottoman of my phonebook.

O child of God, words never tell the Truth
yet, they are the only means at our disposal.

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