Saturday, February 27, 2016

The jeweled harp of Gabriel

The jeweled harp of Gabriel

On a quest to find the heavenly-made
jeweled harp of Gabriel, I rest in the shade

of a cypress; unburden myself.
What is this heaviness upon my back?

It looks like . . . well, it looks like -
a heavenly-made jeweled harp.

Yes, yes, yes.  It's easy to put into words
such a conundrum but what are we

to make of it?  How might it help us?
Adapting the words of Shunryu Suzuki -

God is not something to find.
God is something you are.

The Way is not something to figure out.
The Way is something to express.

Let's sit down here in the cypress shade,
in this quiet dust; take into your hands that harp;

and we will ask no questions;
we'll take no measurements

but learn to play, o pilgrim, and sing -
not to express ourselves but to express God.

O child of God, Meher said you are looking
for Something you have never lost.

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