Saturday, July 4, 2015

Spell Czech

Spell Czech

Ewe won't two bee leave ewe
or righting a grate owed two God

sew ewe dew you're vary best.
Ewe mite rime, hear and their

or knot, butt sea that ewe
tale you're tell sow awl

weal here you're preys,
you're him to Hymn.

Bye an buy, two bee sure wee
Finnish write, sum poets

yews spell Czech.
Eye did and did knot

sea won airer, sew plane,
my him and owed two God

awl in ardor, strait frum thee hart,
rite frum my vary sole.

O child of God, sum thyme's thee sine
mite knot reed watt ewe won't it too mien.

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