Saturday, July 13, 2013

The play of love

The play of love

The angel gave Hafiz a choice --
beauty ... or, the source of beauty;

love's object ... or, its essence;
sensate flesh ... or holy spirit.

An ordinary man, without thought,
reaches, innumerable lifetimes,

flesh for flesh, breath for breath,
for fragile beauty and rides that swell

of pleasure until it perishes beneath him.
The extraordinary man tries for both ...

and undermines himself -- trying to swim the river,
pockets stuffed with gold.

A man of God (such as Hafiz)
gauges the price and is willing to pay;

chooses the source and the spirit --
sees through, sees through!

Forsakes the creation for the Creator --
the maiden for the Maker of maidens ...

and angels ... light and death, universes,
raptures, agony and the play of Love Itself.

O child of God, you know the rules of a game
you have not the courage to play.


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