Saturday, April 28, 2012

Song link --He's waiting

Dm                   C                          Gm                   C
True love is beyond me ... will it always be that way?
Bb                                 F            Gm                 C
suffering through the darkness waiting on the day
      Bb                      F                           Dm                      C
but, my Lord waits with me     and He hears the words I pray
         Bb        C                              F
He’s waiting     ...  waiting on the day
(1st Chorus)        
         C         Bb                 F                            Dm         C                   F
He’s waiting  O ....... He’s waiting       on the day true love turns the key     
         C          Bb                 F                                     Bb   C              Dm   C
He’s waiting, O .......   He’s waiting          for me to love Him,     to love Him
       Bb   C                    F                           (C Gm C Bb C F)
the way         He loves me

Dm                           C             Gm                   C
Roads that lead me nowhere and all the games I play
Bb                                 F             Gm                  C
suffering through the darkness waiting on the day
Bb                     F                     Dm                     C
He endures it with me and He hears the words I pray
         Bb         C                        F
He’s waiting ... waiting on the day    (Repeat 1st chorus)

Dm                          C                         Gm                          C
I pray my Lord will show me how to love Him more and more
    Gm                          C                   Bb                               C
to love Him more and more, ‘til the veils between us fall away
    C         F     
until that day     (1st Chorus, then 2nd Chorus)

(2nd Chorus)                   C          Bb                                    F
He’s waiting, O don’t you know, He’s waiting
                       Dm           C                    F
with a love long-suffering and true
                      C          Bb                F                                          Bb   C
He’s waiting, O........ He’s waiting               for you to love Him,
                                         Dm  C                   Bb   C                       F
when will you to love Him         the way           He loves you?  

He's waiting

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